I am Perry Peterson, a retired auditor and tax accountant. My wife Valeta and I live along the front range of the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains.

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May 16, 2014


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I was there from November 1954 to December 1955. I was Chief Radio Operator. I heard Camp Moore closed down and is no longer a U.S. Military post. If so, do you know when it closed? Thanks for your comment. Perry Peterson
Saw your photo at the "key" at Camp Moore in Hiyoshi. I was there from 57-60 and was a radio/teletype operator there, too. The communications officer was a Major Hall and one of the ops was called "Pops". I lived in one of the quonset huts and palled around with a guy in the same quonset hut named Clifford Monroe. He married a a Japanese , Nisei, or Hawaiian secretary in the main building I think on the second floor. I married a Japanese girl and we now live in Japan. I'm not quite sure how this blog works but hope you get it and write back. Don

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