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October 29, 2004


If you are going to cut and paste this review everywhere on the internet, please have someone check it for correct english.
Zipit Review: Zipit is a new product, undergoing updates, which make it a great product. The wireless technology was developed by company 'Aeronix'(hopefully spelled correctly). This product has amazing potential, especially as upgrades are made. Despite a few problems at the start (due to router settings, and possible phone interference), Zipit now seems to be working flawlessly. The tech support team, is truly the greatest, very helpful, calling to see how my product is doing after. They are a very hardworking team, very committed compared to other technical support where... "your call is important to us...please hold for a moment and wait for the next available operator..thank you.." This product is recommended for users of instant messengers of Yahoo, MSN, and AOL. This product is better than its competition IMFREE, and others such as Blackberry which charge a connection fee. Why would you buy Zipit? Because it free updates fixing problems, enhance features, and the best part is...its f! ree updates, a one time-fee and you get some great stuff! You basically pay the one time fee, $150 CDN. At first, I doubted the products connectivity because I tried it in one place, it didn't work. This product could actually work for me, without me even having a router, or an Internet connection for that matter, because of nearby network.

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