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December 31, 2004


Actually, I would say the AP article (which is the one that went national) did a very good job of "emphasizing" the Google Ads and went so far as to quote one of the advertisers, Paul McLellen, as saying I was "unethical" and that Google was "looking into the matter" ... heck, I got one Email suggesting I should get a lawyer - sounds pretty bad and I only did it to make a buck, eh?!? ;-) HOWEVER, the very next morning, Paul issued his own press release saying that "my words were misconstrued to mean something entirely different" when the AP quoted him saying Alek was "unethical" and Paul continues on to say "I sincerely appreciate his intent of spreading Christmas cheer!" ... here's Paul website - http://www.servicelighting.com/komar.cfm And later that same morning, Google responded saying they were OK with me. I'm kinda surprised people here are posting numbers, since the Google Adsense Terms and Conditions says you aren't allowed to do that, so while I can't comment on my $$$, I have publically stated that I would have been a LOT better off taking that $10,000 offer from the local radio station to run ads on my site. Rest assured that my income from this won't change my tax bracket either! ;-) BTW, I've run Google Adsense since 2003 on most of the pages on my site. I've never run a banner ad on my main web page, but I did add the search by Google sometime in 2004 - it's useful. Hope you don't mind me chiming in Peter - you can read my whole writeup at http://www.komar.org/xmas/hoax/ and I comment on the media inaccuracies that I'd encourage people to read my two cents on all that ... and then form your own opinion. http://www.komar.org/xmas/hoax/media.html
Veri interesting... Google - black horse. Best regards, East, http://sundries.blogspot.com
I'm hip, Perry, to the Google Ads bit. You know this, but your readers may not, Adsense tells me my account has made a grand total of $14.72 as of day before yesterday. Since I started running AdSense ads in September, that comes out to $3.68 per month, average. Since, by Adsense policy, I won't get paid until the payable total comes out to $100 or better, I figure I should get my first payment for ads on this blog about December of 2008... Four years from now. Whoopty-freakin'-dooo.

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