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February 13, 2005


My fiance and I just watched the report on this wonderful story on the Sunday Morning on CBS show this morning as well. We thought it was a lovely story. We are middle aged (49 and 43), and are getting married soon, but haven't found the "perfect" place/setting for our wedding as we want something different and unique. When we saw the report on Elsie and Monowi, we thought it the perfect place to be married. Anyone know how we might look into that further? FYI, we are not talking about a big production, just something very, very simple with our parents and children. Any comments from Elsie's grandson or anyone else with any knowledge or contact information would be appreciated. Thank you. David and Mary Beth
Hi: I saw the report on BCS this morning. I have lots of books - does the library accept donations? Great lady and really nice story. thanks-
I am so tired of the struggle in the big city, it would be great to live in a small town again, as I have always been a country girl at heart. Any land/house(fixer upper) for sale?
I was very interested to read about this. Is there an address to which one can send donations for the library? Also, can I find any information on the postal or philatelic history of this town? If Mrs. Eiler reads this, all the best! Chevalier Daniel C. Boyer
hey everyone. this happens to be my grandma, and i just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the support. i was there for some of the building of the library, just before my grandpa passed away, and it's really somewhat interesting how this has all grown into such an impressive media beast. as my grandma doesn't have internet though, on behalf of her, i'd like to say thank you to everyone. if anyone has any questions, comments, etc, feel free to email me. adios everyone
Is there any real Estate for sale? Who can I contact?
To Elsie, saw the interesting program of "your" town of Monowi, Oct,06.. so neat, and as lots of other people would love to visit there. it would have to be in july, as the janurary temps. are slightly cool...THE BEST TO YOU. MRS RANK
I loved the story on the cbs sunday morning show. I really want to go there and see the one woman town and see the ghost town. It was a really great story. Don't move ever
Wow Elsie! What a wonderful story on the Sunday Morning program today. Nebraska was my family's home and visiting there a few years ago was a special, memorable time for me! The beauty in the rolling hills, the "genuineness" of the people including the respect of land and one another. One can well understand how and why you continue where you are! God Bless You.
Good luck to you in the future. I hope your library brings you great joy. Keep strong, and never give up.
I was wondering if Elsie has an email address. I would like to correspond with her about coming to visit and a possible move to Monowi. We have a multi-skilled family.
Elsie -- You are the real America. I respect your toughness and durability. Good health to you and long life.
ELsie, Do you need or want any more books. I have large box after box of romance novels that I would donate if you want them for your library.
What a wonderful sounding place for peace. How about a Librarian and someone to fill-in for you Elsie when you want to take a day or two off? I've been living in a small desert town for six years now and a change will do me good.
I am wondering probably like everyone else who runs the phone company or other utilities for that matter. I would love to visit there however but where would I stay? I live in Saint Paul Minnesota which isn't too far away but a one person so called ghost town is hard to believe. I saw this on tv and might come there anyways. Would like to have one of your home-made burgers though, sure sounds good to me. I will also have a beer with you if you drink and if not I will have one anyways lol. Scott Saint Paul,Minnesota
Are there any vacant homes? Who is in charge of real estate? Thank you. Donna
Cawker City is the north central town in KS that got the shaft from political powers who rolled over God's country and history that dates back prior to recorded history. Wakonda Springs was literlly trashed alongwith the huge old mansion/hotel memories that people in KS fought to save. Too bad the lawyers pander to people when they run for office and don't have time when issues involve our own treasured landmarks...just so a few drunks from political offices can boat and fish for a couple hours a year. Ain't this a messed up country or what? Plus, guess who...none other than DOLE from KS, never lifted a finger but went overboard to GIVE our ports to any Muslim/Dubai on the planet. Thanks to the phoney we all once trusted.
want some company?? sounds GREAT to me!!!
This was a story ABOUT Elsie Eiler. It was not a story BY Elsie Eiler.
Just wondering what we could do to move there with you? Who do we purchase land from? Are there homes already built that we could purchase? Could I open up my own grocery store? E-mail me some info and I will hopefully be seeing you soon!!!=)
My wife and I are looking for a nice "little" town to retire in. Since I was born and raised in Nebraska (Valentine and Norfolk) I am familiar with the climate and such. Gosh, I wonder if I could run against the incumbent mayor? Stranger things have happened!
Are there any vacant homes for sale in Monowi? How about hunting and fishing, anything close? Tahnk you for your time.
What's the deal with the Monowi jail?
I am interested more information about this town and if Mrs Elsie is also a real estate agent. thank you.
The plight of Monowi and thousands of other small towns like it strikes to the heart of what it means to be an American. Everyone just seems to shake it off like it was nothing. It's nothing short of horrible. we need to find a better way. Dan

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