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April 26, 2005


The only thing I can think of is to contact a professional pest exterminating company.
Up again all night..found 3 fiesty and a few weakened. Very discouraging After all the spraying, I thought they'd be dead. This time my husband was bitten before I saw the critter. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Too many hotels are in denial. It may take laws to require periodic inspections and treatment for bedbugs. With more and more world travelers the problem will otherwise continue to get worse.
the critters hitchhiked from a very nice New Jersey hotel as far as I can track back. I have a tiny condo north of Boston and it's spartan but can't I get rid of them. I stay up all night trying to catch and kill the ones that have survived spraying, etc. We have a new Murphy bed and a new mattress that seemed ok until tonite, I saw one weakend from the pesticide but making a valiant attempt to get to me. I have about 10 bites since. we left the hotel and they "relocated " with us. Smearing vaseline has heped. They bite if I doze off but don't seem to be able to suck blood through the vaseline . They don't touch my husband. He's sawing wood as I sit here with my spray and flashlight I don't dare to leave and go back to our home in SC. I'm afraid they will take over the building. So far I Have caught about a dozen in 6 days and now I see tiny ones emerging.

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