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August 30, 2005


i hate these from shane
Are these british slang ? or amreican need it for hwk xxxx
could you put some more in about clothes i need it for a project :)
backseatbingo is so funny i love rto do that with out are parents knowing
i love all the words they used to use it is so funny what they say some times.*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!big daddy
i love this slang
this is an amazing website. ha you are the pistol to my holster. please razz my berries! :]
very interesting, but I don't agree with you Idetrorce
Wow Man Dont Go Ape Just Cause Me And Soph Are Tight, SWEETNESS, oh hold up the horn is ringing, goshh someone wants a knuckle sandwich, this pad is hip, the heat are around and we're cookin :D
What about the term "neat" as an adjective (i.e. interesting) Isn't that 50s slang?
sweeeeeeeetness! XD
I am writing a story taking place in the '50's, and this site greatly helps establish the dialogue. Thanks.
thank you for having this website. it is teaching me how to talk in the right slang at the right times. like BACKSEATBINGO! as in necking in the car. i told my boyfriend that and he said yea! now we can talk about necking in the car without our parents knowing. hahaha thanks!
Isnt NATCH!!! meaning naturally a slang from the 50,s and also swell!

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