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December 29, 2009


Perry, as an instructor at several colleges in New York, I recognize the often inaccurate information that comes from Wikipedia (you'd be surprised to see the information that some students take to be true). However, Wales' appeal on Wikipedia's website suggesting that the site (eventually) could evolve into a bank of the sum of all human knowledge, I was intrigued about keeping Wikipedia "clean." In a recent post on my blog (Wikipedia: The Ultimate Good?), I offered a scenario where Wikipedia was forced to partner with a tech juggernaut like Microsoft/Google (a la Facebook's partnership with the former). While, as you point out, Wikipedia *did* prematurely report the death of Sen Kennedy, the site *did* accurately report the death of Meet the Press' Tim Russert before any other news/media outlet (according to the NY Times). Not to say this is a redeeming quality, but it does beg the question: Is Wikipedia a meshing of old media ("Encyclopedia Brittanica") and new, new media (think Twitter)?

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